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Life Is Found Everywhere

Life is found everywhere, even in places we may not expect.  However, if you look closely, really look, you will see worlds within our world.  Beauty where others may see decay.  Life, struggling to survive among man.  Man, trying to survive and adapt to nature.  The delicate balance that must take place for all life to truly thrive.  Herein lies the beauty of both worlds.

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Kay Cornell is a Central Ohio fine art photographer working out of Grove City Ohio, while traveling throughout the state and beyond.  Her unique nature photography delves into the worlds within our world, documenting the wonders that only nature and mans' interaction with nature can create.  These glimpses into our world's natural creations and man's adaptations to it are designed to inspire calmness and awe.  From the grandeur of landscapes and glimpses of the fauna we share our world with to macro views of the inner beauty of the flora that surround us, these images will engage you or your clients in peaceful contemplation and silent reflection.  Post-processing is used only to enhance the textures and colors of what nature has provided.  Kay has the ability to meet with clients, determine their needs and provide the quality images that will fit into each unique setting in a timely and professional manner.  She is willing to go the extra mile to get the shot that will surpass client expectations and create a sense on the viewers part of having  "been there" or the feeling of longing to go, see and engage with the places for themselves.

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